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The Sixth Doctor by frasierdalek The Sixth Doctor by frasierdalek
-Doctor Who in Sculpture: 1963 to 2013

And so the sixth month began.

And so the Sixth Doctor arrived.
Continuing my set of sculptural tributes to all Eleven faces of the Doctor, here is the next, following on from the charming and decent Fifth Doctor played by Peter Davison.

The Sixth Doctor (played by Colin Baker) was a bold, brash, swaggering, arrogant but damaged and unstable incarnation of the Timelord. The complete antithesis of his predecessor who was so straight, friendly and considerate.
This Doctor was confident to the point of narcissism and tried throughout his tormented and unbalanced time to devout his existence to the finer things in life.

Whether it be the tranquil and restful Eye of Orion, Blackpool pleasure beach, or simply fishing for Gumblejack and salivating at the thought of the numerous delicious ways of cooking the fish.
However this life of leisure was constantly interrupted, most of all by a traumatic and violent regeneration which caused him to nearly kill his then new-ish companion Peri. Talk about unstable.

Their relationship started off on the wrongest of footings but slowly improved and warmed, both soon respecting the other and growing closer with each mis/adventure.

This Doctor had perhaps (quite definitely perhaps) the most vibrant taste in clothes of all the Doctor’s incarnations. His wardrobe made up of garish patchwork clothes. Yellow black striped trousers, a multicoloured frockcoat and numerous loud gaudy waistcoats.
Totally tasteless, and yet one that reflected his bombastic and confident personality.

However this Doctor’s personality wasn’t always as confident as perhaps as he would like you to believe. He would go through bouts of what would be termed depression, acute excitement and mental stimulation, then back to miserable moaning and complaining.
His swagger and bluster often a cover for a damaged ego and an unbalanced emotional mind.

His mood swings didn’t hinder his morality though. Well, not much. He was just as moral and outraged by injustice as any of his predecessors or faces yet to come. Willing to fight and do whatever was needed to achieve the right outcome, to save and spare lives.

This Doctor, who on numerous times started how he abhorred violence on frequent occasions resorted to surprising violence, whether it be zapping a portly Cyber-controller, or accidentally pushing some angry guards into an acid bath “You’ll forgive me if I don’t join you” he quips Bond-like.

This Doctor battled Daleks turning corpses into a new generation of pepper-pots, Cybermen in the Sewers of London and back on Telos, horrible slug-like creatures, another horrible slug-like creature called Sil with a hideous laugh, the Master and the Rani who have the oddest but also most entertaining relationship ever, Sontarans, Androgums, humanoid plant-life and a mysterious figure called the Valeyard.

He also travelled with two companions, firstly the American student Peri Brown, who travelled with the Fifth Doctor. Then with Mel Bush during the later period of his life.

This Doctor’s tenure stretched from 1984 to 1986 and sadly suffered cancellation at the hands of his greatest enemy, Michael Grade, the then Director General of the BBC

A divisive Doctor, but one I believe to be brilliant and just as important and unique as all of his other incarnations.

And so to the next Doctor. The mercurial, mischievous, and manipulative Seventh Doctor, played by Sylvester McCoy.

See you in July.
TheRedCreeperTRC Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
This is pretty amazing, although he's got a bit of pertwee about him. I think it's the chin and the eyes. However, he's instantly recognisable, so great job there!
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