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The Tenth Doctor by frasierdalek The Tenth Doctor by frasierdalek
-Doctor Who in Sculpture: 1963 to 2013-

September, albeit a short month, seemed to slog by at one heck of a slow pace. So slow in fact that I nearly forgot to post the tenth in my sculpted series of the different Doctors.

This month (October) its The Tenth Doctor as played by the ever enthusiastic David Tennant.

This Doctor was youthful and excitable, one for dashing around and enthusing about the beauty of Humanity and all that it can achieve, at the same time hiding a dark and slightly tormented nature.

Dressed in a sharp pinstripe suit and long trailing coat, this Doctor would become the spirit of adventure that many would grow to love and believe to be the definitive Doctor. More-so in the States than in the UK, however there he also became somewhat iconic.

His tenure lasted from 2006 to 2009/2010, a long life. Enough time to become beloved and cherished in the hearts and minds of millions the world over.

Following from The Ninth Doctor, Ten inherited Rose Tyler as his companion, and soon the two fell in love and travelled together until Rose was trapped in an alternate version of our world.
Love-lorn and lonely, the Doctor met Martha Jones who he took on a strictly-friend basis companion. The two travelled for a short while until Martha felt it was time to leave and left freely and confidently.
The Doctor then hitched up with Donna Noble. The two travelled cheerfully and fought many enemies until Donna could travel no more after taking the Doctor’s mind into her own.
The Doctor made her forget and left her with her grandfather and mother with strict instructions to make sure she never remembers. To do so would burn her mind out.

And so from then the Doctor travelled alone, spiralling deeper into introverted-ness and a growing awareness that his end was approaching.

"He will knock four times", the prophecy told to him, alluding to the heralding sound of his presumed death yet to come.

In his time, the Tenth Doctor met great figures of history like William Shakespeare and Agatha Christie, battled old enemies the Daleks and the Cybermen, sometimes both at the same time, he also encountered Davros, the creator of the Daleks, giant spiders, humanoid fish, humanoid cats, humanoid flies, his oldest enemy the Master and then the Timelords from the dying days of the Time War.

After briefly observing his old companions, Martha and Rose’s old boyfriend Mickey Smith (who are now married), Captain Jack Harkness, Donna and her family, Sarah Jane Smith and Rose, the Doctor slinked away. Back to his TARDIS for safety, where he, in the grips of fear, resignation and sadness regenerated alone, gutting the TARDIS and sending it spiralling to Earth in the process.

What followed was a mass of hair, legs and fingers with a chin.
The Eleventh Doctor as played by the youngest actor to play the part.
Matt Smith.

And heralded a new era of the show.
But thats for next month.

See you then.

(Its not exactly my best sculpt, but I think theres something of Tennant in it)
The-Jedi-Ninja Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013
You say it's not your best sculpt, and yet, it looks incredible. :/
spiritofthebeast Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Quifftacular...Do you make all the wee clothes yourself?
fresian-cat Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013
Looks pretty good to me!
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