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The Third Doctor by frasierdalek The Third Doctor by frasierdalek
-Doctor Who in Sculpture: 1963 to 2013-

March, and so time for the Third Doctor, played dandyishly by Jon Pertwee.
Patrick Troughton’s “Monster Era” cemented the show’s success, but after three years the actor felt it was time to move on, and so after saying goodbye to his companions Jamie and Zoe, the Doctor finds himself exiled to the planet Earth by his own people, the un-named Timelords.

What’s so wrong with being exiled to Earth I hear you say? Most of us have no choice *but* be exiled here.

Well, this little sojourn to Earth for the Doctor wasn’t quite as smooth as has been in the past.
When the TARDIS lands in the depths of Epping forest (not too far from where I live I hasten to add), he stumbles and falls out, with a new face.

Gone are the wild eyebrows and Beatles mop of hair, now is the time for something foppish.
The Third Doctor, in contrast to his predecessor, a scruffy hobo-ish figure with a penchant for playing the recorder in moments of crisis, was a tall, dashing dandy, with a mane of white hair and a strange old-young face, a long shanked rascal with a mighty nose.

Venusian Aikido, velvet jackets, frilly shirts, capes, cloaks, chelsea boots, two cars (one yellow, one that flies), a connoisseur of fine wines and excellent cheeses, the Third Doctor was a foppish image of elegance but was also quick witted, fiercely moral and always the man of action who fought Daleks, Silurians, Sea Devils, Autons, Sontarans, Drashigs, Draconians and also some chap called The Master who seemed to stick around.

The Pertwee era also introduced the Timelords by name and his/their home planet of Gallifrey. The Third Doctor was also the first of the Eleven to meet his previous incarnations to marvellous effect in The Three Doctors.
We were also introduced to Sarah Jane Smith who went on to many marvellous things.

The Pertwee era also saw UNIT come to the fore as the Doctor’s first port of call whilst on Earth, a large part of the era involves the Doctor and UNIT battling alien invasion threats (that usually centred around London).
His tenure spanned from 1970 to 1974 and was the first to be broadcast in beautiful colour.

And so on to April, the month of the toothsome, be-scarfed Bohemian, as tall as the Heavens and mad a bag of frogs.
The Fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker.

See you there.
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crazyartist11 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh lord...why can't I find this anywhere at the BBC or ABC shops? :iconcryforeverplz:
Malcolmorr Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013
Another stunning likeness - and he's really hard to capture but you've done it wonderfully!
supermanscape Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013
Fantastic!!!! His bust in the Gallifrey Hall of Fame could look no better!
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Lovely. Great capture of his expression. :D
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Excellent job. It is a remarkable likeness! :)
Betawhofic Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013
Wow, that looks just like him! From the way he holds his mouth to his eyebrows, his "mighty" nose, his cheekbones. The hair, even the sideburns. Fantastic!

I'd love to have one of these.
emaciate Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Professional Filmographer
so great! once again!!
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Nice ! how did u do that ??? :)
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